Revision, Rewrite and Change Policy


Simply put, revisions, rewrites and changes can be a necessary part of content creation and approval. 

ContentYak acknowledges that our clients may require rewrites, revisions or changes after delivery of the final product. 

We want to keep it simple. Here's how it works

Revisions, rewrites or changes are free up to 10 working days after delivery of the final product, with the following conditions: 

  • The Client has not yet approved and accepted the final product, signalling the release of payment. 
  • The Client believes that the product outlined in the original creative brief as approved by the Client has not been met. Such revisions, rewrites and changes will not be charged to the Client and will be honored and completed by the Writer. 
  • Where the Writer is unavailable or refuses to completed revisions, rewrites and changes as requested by the Editor and deemed appropriate by the Admin, the Editor will complete the Service and the Writer will forfeit all or a portion of their agreed fee as determined by Admin.
  • Revisions, rewrites and changes where the Product is determined by Admin to have met the original creative brief approved by the Client, may incur additional costs, fees and/or other charges. 
  • Where the Client changes the expectation or direction of the approved original, or approved amended, creative brief and instructions must be significantly amended, as determined by Admin, after completed product has been delivered, the Client agrees to pay 75% of the original service fee as a modification fee.
  • Free revisions, rewrites and changes are no longer available after 10 working days after delivery of the final product. Additional costs may be incurred by the Client, as determined by Admin, to continue revisions, rewrites and changes.
  • For all revisions, rewrites and changes, the Client must specify requirements clearly and provide new deadline expectation.