Confidentiality Policy


ContentYak takes your confidentiality very seriously! Please read and follow the ContentYak Confidentiality Policy.

Confidentiality is important when it comes to crowdsourcing. We want you to have a safe, successful experience on our site. 

To ensure your safety, ContentYak requires that all Users of our site agree to follow our Confidentiality Policy. All visitors to ContentYak agree to comply with this Policy. 
Failure to adhere to this Policy will lead to immediate account shut down at ContentYak.  

1Do not share personal contact information 

Just like any other online, crowdsourced and cloud environment, users of ContentYak should always be careful of their personal information. For your own safety, Users within our system should not share phone numbers, mailing or email addresses, or any other personal information with each other.
ContentYak is not responsible for any contact made or business done outside of the ContentYak platform.

ContentYak has been purpose built to allow for all communications between Clients, Writers and Editors to easily happen at any time inside our online system. Simply log in to your account and send an instant message. Users are always notified immediately of any ContentYak messages waiting in their accounts. 

2Do not make payments outside of the ContentYak platform

It's simple: if you are being asked online to provide a credit card number or to make any payments other than directly through ContentYak's PayPal fintech, you are being scammed. Don't let this happen to you.

Please immediately report to us at if you are asked to make or receive payment for content from ContentYak outside of the built-in PayPal wallet system that ContentYak uses exclusively. 

ContentYak is designed to facilitate easy payment between Clients and Writers. Users will never have a legitimate reason to attempt transactions outside of the ContentYak platform. Just log in to your ContentYak account to access your wallet. Stay safe.

3Do not provide or share any login details to anyone

You are wholly and solely responsible for all activity and transactions on your ContentYak account. Do not share your ContentYak login credentials with anyone else.