Freelance with Us


ContentYak deploys a purpose built platform to harness the Cloud and the Crowd.

We use technology to help freelance professionals get great content gigs and do their best work at anytime from anywhere.

Wanna work from the beach? No problem. It's up to you!

ContentYak is always seeking qualified, experienced, talented Writers to become part of our Freelance Writer Team. 


Our Freelance Writers work with ContentYak Editors to help ensure that each project is completed on time and to the Client's complete satisfaction.

Writers must be experienced in content development, able to both seek and accept direction, work to strict timelines, interpret instructions properly, develop story concepts from beginning to end and work effectively with ongoing editorial oversight from a ContentYak Editor.


If you have the experience and skill to write effective white label content, apply online and we'll review your CV, check out your recent work and let you know the status of your application as soon as possible. With ContentYak you can:

  • Bid on all projects
  • Set your own rates
  • Take jobs when you want to
  • Communicate directly in live chat
  • Rate clients (they can rate you too!)
  • Work from anywhere at any time

Freelance Writers are not employees of ContentYak, they are Freelancers and work for themselves.


All Freelance Writers are always responsible for their own expenses and equipment related to completing any project with ContentYak. This includes any expenses related to or surrounding income tax, sales tax, insurance or expenses charged to or incurred by the Freelance Writer while working with ContentYak.


The content created on ContentYak is never bylined. The Client wholly owns the content. You cannot reuse it for any purpose.


Freelance Writers working with ContentYak acknowledge that they assign 100% copyright of the completed text to the paying customer. Freelance Writers may not post, use or reuse the completed text, in part or in whole, in any way unless expressed permission is provided by the Client and held on record by ContentYak.


Freelance Writers are in no way considered employees or agents of ContentYak. We work hard to make content projects available, but we do not guarantee Freelance Writers will be successful in obtaining projects after sign up.