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Developed by content creators qualified and experienced in strategy planning, execution and deployment, ContentYak is making it easy to develop great content without an in-house content team.

At ContentYak, we developed our business to make it easy to tell your brand story and to consistently create new product content on demand.

We use decades of our own collective experience to develop content and creative solutions for businesses that need marketing help and direction.


 This is ContentYak ... with a company culture code to Do The Right Thing


We're your quick and easy option to access experts skilled in content development and execution. Stop searching for writers and creatives. ContentYak does it for you; we won't assign anyone take a project they can't do. Period.


We help you develop the best possible creative brief to ensure your content needs can be delivered quickly. Our focus is on project success; to deliver only the best content, on time and on budget.


ContentYak's experienced storytellers, editors, writers, and designers will do the heavy lifting on every project to ensure perfect output that precisely meets your needs.


Finally, ContentYak elevates your content by ensuring all text is original. No plagiarism allowed here. Everything is edited, proofed and approved before you take control of the content and fully own its copyright.


We work for you! Your feedback will be captured, reviewed and deployed in future updates of the ContentYak website. We encourage all users to tell us what they like/dislike and need/want in future updates.


Content is moving fast and we're here to help you keep up!


picture of Stuart Harries

Stuart Harries

Founder and Content Strategist


Stuart founded ContentYak to make quality, original brand and product content creation easier for businesses.


After nearly two decades as a content strategist, Stuart has developed brand voicetone and visual expectation for more than 30 different B2C lifestyle and B2B product offerings. He’s also managed 7-figure budgets and large content teams of up to 20 professionals on a single project.


Stuart has deviseddeveloped and distributed thousands of branded articlesvideos, and other creative content across multiple print and digital channels. 

Over the years, Stuart’s content strategies have increased users by more than 20 million unique visits on a lifestyle website; growing channel engagement by more than 600% in a single year. Since 2016, Stuart has driven growth for a ContentYak client by double digits, year over year, each year.


And because a well crafted content strategy really works, this same client is currently on track to end 2019 online sales with the best sales results in a decade of business

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