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Created by storytellers and content specialists
ContentYak is the easy solution for your content needs



At ContentYak, we developed our tech platform to make it easy to tell your story and to consistently create new content. 


We use decades of our own experience to leverage cloud-based technology and crowdsource, vet, and develop content creatives through the new gig economy to better serve the small- to medium-sized businesses that need them.


Developed by content creators qualified in planning, execution and deployment, ContentYak disrupts the current online freelance gig system that posts poorly detailed projects and lets unvetted talent, qualified or not, bid for the job.


That broken system lacks professional oversight and leads to regular disappointment and frustration with crowdsourcing. 


Enter ContentYak ... with a company culture code to Do The Right Thing


Now you have a quick and easy platform to access experts skilled in content development and creation. Stop screening for writers and creatives. ContentYak does it for you; we won't let anyone take a project they can't do. Period.


We even review the talent when they bid on the project. We help you post the best possible creative brief to ensure your needs can be delivered quickly. Our focus is on project success; to deliver only the best content, on time and on budget.


ContentYak deploys a layer of oversight managed by experience storytellers, editors, writers and developers. These professional managers are assigned to every ContentYak project and ensure that final output accurately meets your needs.


Finally, ContentYak elevates your content by ensuring all text is original. No plagiarism allowed here. Everything is edited, proofed and approved before you take control of the content and fully own its copyright.


We work for you! We've just launched our tech solution and your feedback will be captured, reviewed and deployed in updates of the ContentYak system. We encourage all users to tell us what they like/dislike and need/want in future updates.


Content is moving fast and we're here to help you keep up!


Stuart Harries
Founder and Content Strategist


Stuart founded ContentYak to make quality original content creation easier for small businesses and startups.

After nearly two decades as a content strategist, Stuart has developed brand voice, tone and visual expectation for more than 30 different lifestyle and B2B offerings. He’s also devised, developed and distributed thousands of branded articles, videos, and other creative content across multiple print and digital channels.

Stuart’s strategies have increased users by more than 20 million unique visits on a lifestyle website and grown brand channel engagement by more than 600% in a single year.
Now he’s brought his content strategy and distribution skills to crowdsourced content creation through the purpose-built technology platform at ContentYak

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